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PQ Mental Fitness Program

Tailored for Transformation: Our programs are meticulously crafted to fortify your mindset and unveil your life's true purpose.

Embrace the challenge and experience a transformative shift in your life's journey, all grounded in scientific research and enriched with decades of practical wisdom.

Supplement your journey with the wisdom and support of David Levey, our esteemed head coach and the visionary founder of PDCA. Together, you'll navigate the path to your fullest potential.

Whether you choose to do these programs alone, or with the enhanced support of David Levey you will absolutely find them life changing.
Elevate Your Career, Enrich Your Relationships, Enhance Your Wellbeing: Unleash your potential for career advancement, cultivate deeper connections, and achieve a harmonious balance for a healthier, happier you.

Transformative Outcomes Await:

Achieve peak performance in your career, foster meaningful connections in your personal and professional life, and embrace a state of wellbeing that brings peace of mind and holistic health.

Improve Performance

Peak performance

Improve Connections

Meaningful connections with others

Improve wellbeing

Peace of mind and wellness

Forge Unbreakable Mental Resilience:

Dive deep into our comprehensive program that nurtures your mental fortitude. Strengthen your three core mental muscles, amplify your willpower, and master the art of balancing inner wisdom and challenges.

Mental Strength

How to build your 3 mental muscles


Win the tug of war between your Sage Powers and your Saboteurs.